How to register to vote:


STEP 1: 


                 You can also register to vote Absentee Permanently (ballots automatically mailed

                 to your home as long as you are eligible), using this form.





                                     To vote absentee (one time only), you will also need to fill out the

                                     Absentee form.


STEP 3: Mail the completed registration form(s) to the Office of the City or County Clerk

              where you reside.  Addresses are listed on registration form.


STEP 4: Contact us if you would like further assistance (transportation to the polls,              information on the voting process, etc.).




You can also register by attending a No Vote No Grumble registration event where registration forms will be available for you to fill out. Once filled out, you may leave your form with us to turn in to the County Clerk, or you may choose to mail the form in yourself.


Important Dates for Registration

12 July

Primary Election (Regular & Permanent Absentee) Registration Due


04 Aug

Primary Election Absentee Registration Due

06 Nov
09 Oct


General Election (Regular & Permanent Absentee) Registration Due




General Election! 

Who Can Register to Vote?


You may register to vote if you are:


  • A citizen of the United States of America

  • A legal resident of Hawai‘i

  • At least 18 years of age



Hawai‘i law allows US citizens to pre-register at age 16, but they must be 18 years old by election day to vote.

For more information about eligibility, absentee voting, registering and required documents, visit our Frequently Asked Questions About Voting page.


For more information on what to do on Election Day, visit our Election Day page.

Have You Changed Your Address or Name?


If you have, you must re-register. Complete a Voter Registration Application by mail or in-person at your City or County Clerk. Your voter registration record will be updated upon receipt of properly completed Voter Registration Application.

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