One Girl's Guide to Taming the Beast of Political Ignorance and Intimidation
Posted August 9th, 2014


Our Communications Coordinator at No Vote No Grumble, Katie Caldwell, wrote an article published by Civil Beat; how getting involved at the

legislature turned her from a grumbling hypocrite to a passionate political activist.


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Youth Civic Engagement in Classrooms

Posted December 10, 2013



The Stanford Daily recently posted an article on a consensus report titled "Youth Civic Development & Education."  The report discusses the need for more civic engagement in the classrooms to prepare students for effective participation in civic life, and what that would look like.


"Students are not finding inspiration in civic values as taught in schools today, nor are they gaining a sense that they are able to engage effectively in civic and political domains... It is difficult to find significant numbers of young people from any sector who have enough interest in civic affairs to inspire any aspirations to present or future civic leadership.  Such a lack of civic preparation and motivation among the young places the future of our democracy in great peril" (Youth Civic Development & Education report).

CNN video: "In Hawai‘i, voting makes few waves"

Published on October 20, 2012



This video clip from 2012 discusses how in 2008, Hawai‘i had the lowest voter turnout in the U.S. and discusses the challenges we faced. Unfortunately, we are still facing some of the same challenges in 2014.

No Vote No Grumble, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Kanu Hawai‘i collaborate for 2012's campaign

Article published on October 10, 2012



An article entitled "Office of Hawaiian Affairs Gets Out the Native Hawaiian Vote with 'Hawaiian Voice, Hawaiian Vote' Campaign" by Indian Country Today highlights the efforts of No Vote No Grumble, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and Kanu Hawai‘i in educating and registering voters in Hawai‘i.  The 2012 effort not only registering voters, but also focused on educating and mobilizing voters. 

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